recent addition: sea tower dream time
Deer Hill Garden Deer Hill Garden (sketch representational, oil, approx. 10"x14" 2000)
Heart Heart (abstract, acrylic, approx. 5'x6' 1984)
Sports Ouch Sports Ouch (sketch representational, oil, approx. 5"x6" 1969)
Old Man Old Man (Ink, 1970)
View Tribute to Louis Sutro  Louis Sutro Louis Sutro (Watercolor, Acrylic, Pencil 1971)
Critical Man Critical Man (Doodle, Ink 1972)
Partying Man Partying Man (WaterColor and Ink 1970)
Cross Country Cross Country (abstract, acrylic, approxc 5'x7' 1985)
Mood Indigo Mood Indigo (abstract, acrylic, approx 4'x7' 1986)
Petal Petal (abstract, acrylic, approx 1'8"x2'8"' 1995)
disclosure disclosure (abstract, acrylic approx 5'x5', 1983)
Nessie Nessie (abstract, acrylic approx 4'x7', 1987)