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Title: Higher performance A/C (created on: 06/07/2005 )
Author: Rob House

Have a smaller window unit air conditioner that cools the air but somehow 
doesn't seem to provide the comfort that is expected?  Perhaps it is not 
draining excess water from the inside air to the outside.  

We purchased a new A/C window unit and cool air came out but the room felt 
damp and uncomfortable.  It was making gurgling and water dripping noises 
while running.  Turns out there was no drain for the water designed into our 
unit, even though the owner's manual pictured a small tube out the back (which 
was not manufactured into our unit).  

One day last summer, I took a ladder outside and drilled a small hole in the 
outer side of the bottom panel (be very careful not to allow your drill to 
poke up into unit and pierce a coil!!).  A small stream of water immediately 
started exiting the unit and didn't stop for literally minutes.  Now, on humid 
days the A/C drips steadily from the back, taking humidity out of the inside 

When taking out your A/C in the fall, have you ever had a pool of water splash 
out?  Maybe you have the same issue.  Also, be sure when A/C is installed in 
window that it tilts very slightly down toward the outside, so that any water 
condensing off the coils flows down toward the outside.

Enjoy better comfort this summer!