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The Long Way Home

(For Louis, New Years' Eve, 2004) from Roger



This world has had the best of you,

your days of driving, learning, travelling

from city school to suburb home

your country walks, and talks with everyone

This world is done for you now Lou,

let's take the long way home


You have rushed to meet the bus, run to meet the train,

hurried breakfast, dinner, lunch, to be on time again

you paid the mortgage and the rents

passed tests and taught the smartest gents

married, fathered, listened and played

and now today it's done

let's take the long way home


There always was somewhere to go,

something to fix, something to show,

someone to meet, something to know

and now it's quiet and still

like when you would think sometimes for minutes and hours

and in my heart you always will...


And the world can have you no longer,

and clocks can push you no further,

Why hurry down this road

Let's ride in class and style

just by going slow

let's notice the trees and sky

that all this time we've driven by

Let's take the long way home


Let's take the long way, the slow way,

the old way, let's take all day, to go where we must go

It's not defeat or dispair,

The road might like someone to go slow -

and if someone would instruct us to bustle, hurry, or rush us

we'll just explain about us,  it's a new place you must go

your oldest friend will know....

But we have lived together in this world

and what I want - is one more ride with you, in this world

no rush, just easy, you know,

Let's take the long way home


I'm looking up my oldest friends,

to learn their stories once again

I'm writing down what comes to mind;

I'm asking what I want to find

and though my head, my headstrong mind

would hurry up and and off I'd go

my heart says take it slow

Let's take the long way

let's take it all day

don't want you to go away

take the long way home



Smaller than atoms

Further than stars

As close as this love

That’s where you are